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This will be your time, Twilight Sparkle!
In the magical land of Equestria, within the kingdom of Canterlot, Princess Celestia, one of the co rulers of the land, was inside her chambers, preparing to send a message to a very special friend. Celestia smiled to herself. A visit from him is just the thing Twilight needs. She thought to herself with a smile. At that moment, there was a knock at her door.
"Yes?" Celestia called.
"It's me, sister. May I come in?" called the voice of Celestia's younger sister, Princess Luna. Celestia smiled.
"Of course, little sister. Come in."
The doorknobs to her room were shrouded in blue light as they were softly opened by Luna's magic. Luna herself walked in and closed the door behind her.
"You wished to see me, Celestia?" Luna asked, curiously.
Celestia nodded. "I did not interrupt you from anything important did I?" She asked to be sure.
Luna shook her head. "Not all. What is it you wanted to see me about?"
"I wished to speak to you about Twilight."
Luna was confused by this. "Twilight?
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Transformers Prime: Shockwave Rises part 1
Transformers Prime: Shockwave Rises
Lunar Showdown part 1
"Optimus!" Ratchet's voice called over the intercom. "Come here! Quickly!"
Everyone was caught off guard by the urgency in Ratchet's voice. Did something happen to the others? The group didn't waste any time pondering and quickly hurried back to where Ratchet was, with Optimus, Smokescreen, and Bulkhead taking care not to step on their human charges. Soon they were gathered together, with Ratchet intensely focused on the monitor.
"Ratchet? Is something wrong?" Optimus asked.
"We don't know," Arcee said. "Ratchet looked at the computer screen and started glitching out."
"I was not glitching out, thank you very much," Ratchet growled. He pried his eyes away from the monitor to look at Optimus. "Optimus, we now have another problem. Apparently our scanners have just picked up an Autobot general distress beacon."
Everyone took a moment to digest this information. As usual, Miko was the first to break the silence.
"A ne
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Transformers Prime: Shockwave Rises Prologue
Shockwave Rises:
The Autobots all watched anxiously as Ratchet continued his repair work on the Dinobots. Fortunately he had managed to patch Snarl up. While still in need of recovering from his wounds, Snarl was at least capable of helping Ratchet repair his teammates. The two of them were starting on Slag, who was in shut down mode so as to make the repairs easier.
"Question," Snarl asked as he removed shrapnels from Slag's body. "Starscream blows the Apex Armor from the inside, right? Then why the scrap didn't he blow up?!"
"Starscream is quite resilient," Ratchet admitted. "Many Autobots speculated that he has some unexplained ability to survive even the worst conditions."
"Makes me think of a cockroach," Arcee mumbled dryly.
"Disgusting Earth insects said to survive some of the worst injuries." She smirked. "Suits Starscream pretty well."
Bulkhead and Bumblebee both chuckled and even Ratchet allowed himself a small smirk. Optimus was too busy contemplating to
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Transformers Prime: Dawn of the Dinobots Epilogue
Grim was the best word to describe the atmosphere in the Autobot base. The kids thought they were prepared for the worst but they really hadn't counted on a wounded Grimlock helping Optimus, Ratchet, Bulkhead, and Smokescreen bringing in the others, who were all pretty banged up. Grimlock explained the whole battle with Starscream. Needless to say the kids were near speechless.
"I can't believe Starscream was able to do all this," Miko said as the functioning bots placed their wounded allies to be healed. "And to the Dinobots."
"Well, Optimus did say that the Apex Armor was really strong," Raf pointed out. "And supposedly invulnerable."
"Eh," Grimlock gave out a dry chuckle. "Looks like that last part was an exaggeration." Then he grunted in pain as he adjusted himself.
Arcee and Bumblebee came too after a short while. Although they hadn't come out of the fight unscathed, their damage was minor, all things considered. Ratchet thought about quickly fixing them first so then he could foc
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Transformers Prime: Dawn of the Dinobots 9 part 2
After Fowler had been contacted and everything set up, a ground bridge was activated to where the red energon had been moved. Arcee, Grimlock, Slag, and Snarl went through the bridge to a shiping bay. Everyone drew their weapons, keeping their optics open for any unwelcome guests. They looked up to see a huge crate, hoisted by a crane. A faint, red light glowing from the crate told them that was the red energon.
"Fowler couldn't have a crane operator lower the thing?" An annoyed Arcee asked.
"Must have been preparing to transport it themselves before Fowler told everyone to clear out," Slag guessed.
"Well, well. This is an unexpected surprise."
The four bots looked ahead to see Starscream standing before them, smug as ever.
Ever since he had gotten back, Starscream has been scouring the internet for any sort of valuable information. But his searches had proved fruitless until he had spotted the very same Red Energon picture that Raf had. He had used his own ground bridge to get to the
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Transformers Prime: Dawn of the Dinobots 9 part 1
While June might not have warmed up to the whole Dinobot team yet, she did seem very fond of Swoop and Sludge. Course it was them after all. Swoop remembered Jack saying his mom could help him find a way to get Arcee's affections, so he opted on him and Sludge spending some alone time with the humans. Grimlock thought it was a waste of time but allowed them to regardless. Ratchet had been more vocal of his disapproval, warning of what would happen if someone spotted them and posted images on the web. "We should be grateful no humans were around when Dreadwing attacked!" He had shouted. Of course Optimus gave Grimlock a receptor full when he was filled in on recent events. Now Optimus was a usually calm bot but Grimlock was probably the one Autobot that could make him raise his voice high enough to echo through the base. But after he calmed down Optimus also expressed gratitude that Grimlock had aided Arcee and saved the humans. But Arcee was not so lenient with him. Grimlock was as ins
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Transformers Prime: Dawn of the Dinobots part 8
Megatron was too speechless to say anything but quickly recovered himself. "Revive Cybertron? I hope you have not chosen an ill moment to suddenly attempt at humor, Shockwave."
"I apologize, Lord Megatron, though your doubts are understandable. I have been doing research into the lower levels of Cybertron and I was surprised to discover energon. While the energon was far from enough to revive Cybertron, it certainly wasn't there before. So I sent several science teams and scouts into the area and we discovered an ancient device that the energon seemed to come from." He walked over to a computer in the room and typed in a few keys. A projection appeared on the screen.
The projection showed a somewhat cylindrical device that had several other shapes attached to the central cylinder. The exact purposes of the shapes were obviously unknown but it was obvious that the device was probably massive. As Megatron looked at the other side of the device he noted that a large portion of the device
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Transformers Prime: Dawn of the Dinobots part 7
It was a typical Saturday morning. With no school and it being his day off, Jack Darby was spending his free time like he usually did; simply cruising with Arcee.
"So…what's on the activities list for today?" Jack jokingly asked his partner.
"Unfortunately, Optimus plans on introducing Fowler to the Dinobots today," Arcee replied back. "That's definitely not gonna go well."
Jack knew what his partner meant. Fowler was a nice guy but he was a stickler for rules and regulations. And it was obvious to everyone by now that the Dinobots didn't play by any rules but their own.
"Maybe we should just cruise for today," He suggested. "Something tells me we don't want to be at base when this happens."
"All of Team Prime needs to be at base, I'm afraid. Grimlock's not really thrilled about meeting Fowler either and I think we're needed there to give Optimus support. The only one getting out of this is Wheeljack since he's not an official member yet."
"Hmm. Maybe I should just stay home then,
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Transformers Prime: Dawn of the Dinobots part 6
In a cold, far away world
A battle is raging between evil and good
From the stars, they came here to Earth
Caught in their struggle through the whole universe
Robotic warriors give it their all
Fight in disguise, 'til the victor stands tall
Defenders of truth, robots who fight in disguise
When the battle is through, only the strong will survive
Til all are one

Megatron and Shockwave did not make a move yet as the remainder of the latter's troops gathered. While many had been taken out during the Autobots intrusion, Shockwave had plenty to spare. Megatron looked at the soldiers gathered and was satisfied with what he saw. As usual, Shockwave did not disappoint. Megatron gave the troops a simple command:
"Hunt them down."
With that command, the troops filed out ready to pursue their intended targets.
"It should be easy to find them," Shockwave commented to his leader. "I am certain the Dinobots will be engaging the Predacons very soon."
"You are also ce
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Upcoming Autobots in my Transformers Prime stories
1. Kup
Function: Warrior
Alt-mode: Large green pickup truck
Kup is one of the oldest Autobot warriors around. He had adventures before Orion Pax ever became Optimus Prime. Primus, he's even older than Optimus' friend Ironhide. While he's no longer in his prime and not as fast as he used to be, Kup's still as strong and as durable as he ever was.. Aside from his strength and weapons, Kup is also experienced. He's been in so many battles that he knows about every trick in the book. It's also rumored that he used to be part of the Wreckers before Ultra Magnus became the current leader.
Kup's had so many adventures and has plenty of stories to tell. In fact, there are few things in the universe that doesn't remind him of something that happened to him. He's more than willing to tell stories to others. In the old days, he had a habit of droning on about the details in his adventures. Now he's learned to keep things simple, but entertaining.  Kup is one of the few bot
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Blackarachnia (Transformers Prime version)
Blackarachnia (Transformers Prime)
Appearance: Still working on it. (Sorry! I suck when it comes to designing.)
Alt-mode: large robotic spider
Special abilities: Shoot webbing, clinging to surfaces, martial artist, a certain spider sense to help her detect when she's in danger.
Back story: During the Great War, Blackarachnia was among those who joined the Decepticons. However, she was not completely loyal and only joined them out of fun rather than believing in their cause. Her official rank was a spy and infiltrator and many of her fellow Decepticons felt uneasy around her. One day, everything changed when Shockwave used her as part of his experiments for the Insecticon project. Her new alt-mode was based off a spider compared to the others. Initially, Blackarachnia was horrified of her new form and despised Shockwave for forcing it upon her. She broke away from the Decepticons shortly after, vowing to make the scientist pay. Certain that the Autobot
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Transformers Prime: Dawn of the Dinobots part 5
Swoop could not deny that he had been waiting a long time for this. Even longer than his chance at payback on Airachnid. He and Divebomb had history before. It was thanks to this Predacon that he had suffered his biggest and most humiliating defeat. A long time ago, earlier in the war for Cybertron, before he had signed up with the Dinobots, Swoop was simply another Autobot soldier who brought aerial advantages in combat. Back then, Swoop was confident that no other flyer, Autobot or Decepticon, could best him. Then one day, while Swoop was off on his own, Divebomb came along and completely outclassed him. Swoop was heavily damaged in the battle but managed to escape. He was able to recover physically but the pain to his pride never went away. Fellow Autobots made it their job to mock and tease him for his loss. While most of the offenders were the grounded Autobots, a few flyers also made fun of him, such as the Aerialbot named Slingshot. While some were actually nice to him, like Jet
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Transformers Prime: Dawn of the Dinobots part 4
Swoop was accompanying Ratchet and Jack back to the computer room. Needless to say he was surprised and confused to see the medic and Arcee's partner show up asking for him. Not that Swoop minded. He didn't have such a low view of the humans as his leader did. Plus, Jack was Arcee's partner. The human had to be good if he was partnered with her. When he asked what they wanted, they simply told him they needed to talk and told him to follow. As they entered the computer room, Swoop was even more confused when he saw Grimlock standing there with his arms crossed.
"Grimlock?" Swoop looked back and forth between Grimlock, Ratchet, and Jack. "Is something wrong?"
"Time to have talk, Swoop," Grimlock said.
"Talk?" Swoop asked. "About what?"
"About you and Arcee," Grimlock replied.
Swoop suddenly became nervous. Did his feelings for the femme finally get on Grimlock's last nerve? Was Grimlock going to tell him that he couldn't be with Arcee? And what did Ratchet and Jack have to do with anyth
:iconfriendofthedoctor:FriendoftheDoctor 62 18
Transformers Prime: Dawn of the Dinobots part 3
Ratchet finished showing Grimlock the video feed on the computer screen. With Airachnid in their base, Ratchet had convinced Prime to set up more security measures including video cameras. At the time, Ratchet felt he was acting like Red Alert, an old comrade of his who was in charge of security back on Cybertron. While the poor bot had a paranoid streak the size of Unicron, Ratchet did respect Red's attention to caution. Anyway, Ratchet had seen Swoop's little one-sided conversation with Airachnid and this really concerned him. This so called crush might instead be an unhealthy infatuation. While Swoop seemed to have good intentions, Ratchet did not see a pleasant end for the way things were going. Normally he would have told Optimus about this situation but he knew that was probably not a good idea. While Swoop was the nice guy of the Dinobots, even he had authority issues with Optimus Prime. So naturally Ratchet had gone to the one person Swoop would listen to: Grimlock.
"Well, Grim
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Transformers Prime: Dawn of the Dinobots part 2
All the humans and Autobots present had gathered around Grimlock as he prepared to tell them what had happened to him and the other Dynobots back on Cybertron. Miko was sitting down anxiously like a little girl about to be told a bedtime story by her father. Swoop stood next to Grimlock. He knew that Grimlock's damaged voice box would prevent him from giving some of the more specific details needed to tell their part, so he would fill in. Grimlock allowed everyone to settle down before beginning the story.
"It all start back on Cybertron," Grimlock said again. "We Dinobots steal lots of energon from Decepticons. Then Shockwave blow it all up."
"We think he meant to steal it back," Swoop put in. "He put up a good fight but we held our ground. I guess when he saw that we weren't going down he blew up the energon so that we couldn't have it either."
"That sounds like Shockwave alright," Wheeljack said dryly.
"Shockwave make us look stupid," Grimlock said in annoyance. "We hunt him down. T
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Transformers Prime: Dawn of the Dinobots part 1
In the deep reaches of outer space, a spaceship could be seen shooting through the stars to its intended target. The planet Earth. Within the ship, a tall, red and white robot with protrusions that looked wings sticking out of his back was working furiously at the controls.
"We'll be nearing Earth soon, Grimlock." He called to someone behind him.
"Good work, Swoop. Me, Grimlock, thought we never make it." A deep voice replied to the one called Swoop.
"Do you think Optimus will help us?"
"If not, me make him help us. He risk life to save soldiers before. Not see why he not now."
The one called Swoop nodded. Long had he become used to his leader's way of speech. And it did nothing to change the respect and admiration Swoop had for his leader. But they needed Optimus' help if they were to…
Grimlock could sense Swoop's concern. "We rescue them, Swoop," He reassured his friend. "You see. We get Optimus, then we get others back."
Swoop nodded again but it didn't do much to boost his con
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Fan Under My Own Term Stamp by FantasyFlixArt Fan Under My Own Term Stamp :iconfantasyflixart:FantasyFlixArt 44 15 Queen Elsa by Elias-Chatzoudis Queen Elsa :iconelias-chatzoudis:Elias-Chatzoudis 3,500 121 Frozen FA : Elsa by Konna00 Frozen FA : Elsa :iconkonna00:Konna00 293 13 Elsa of Frozen by lFREEMANl Elsa of Frozen :iconlfreemanl:lFREEMANl 271 19 Frozen by HiroUsuda Frozen :iconhirousuda:HiroUsuda 1,007 28 Elsa by kazu-ren Elsa :iconkazu-ren:kazu-ren 545 44 Disney Princess Group by TyrineCarver Disney Princess Group :icontyrinecarver:TyrineCarver 670 149 F R O Z E N : - Elsa The Snow Queen - Cosplay by Hello-Yuki F R O Z E N : - Elsa The Snow Queen - Cosplay :iconhello-yuki:Hello-Yuki 198 43 Sorrow by KasuzameYuu Sorrow :iconkasuzameyuu:KasuzameYuu 523 51 Let it Go by KasuzameYuu Let it Go :iconkasuzameyuu:KasuzameYuu 2,283 227 let it go by JokerAngewomon let it go :iconjokerangewomon:JokerAngewomon 33 3 .CROSSOVER: The Royal Meeting. by Kikuri-Tan .CROSSOVER: The Royal Meeting. :iconkikuri-tan:Kikuri-Tan 893 57 .My Frozen Pony: Best sister ever!. by Kikuri-Tan .My Frozen Pony: Best sister ever!. :iconkikuri-tan:Kikuri-Tan 527 20 Elsa the Snow Queen (Colored Version) by Drock625 Elsa the Snow Queen (Colored Version) :icondrock625:Drock625 22 13 doodle jack by selene-nightmare69 doodle jack :iconselene-nightmare69:selene-nightmare69 91 2



United States
I am a huge fan of crossover stories, especially Transformers. My particular favorites are the Dinobots.

I also like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I wouldn't call myself a Brony and yeah, there might be parts that throw me off. But I still like the show. Wanna make something of it?

I am also a huge fan of the many crossover movies on Youtube, namely the Pooh's Adventure series and it's numerous spin-off. My personal favorite is the Benny, Leo, and Johnny's Adventure series out of all of them.

Current Residence: Louisiana
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic, Mickey Mouse, and Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: Actions and Words go hand in hand
Hey, guys. Just want you to know that I AM currently working on the next chapter of my Dawn of the Dinobots Remake. Just having some trouble getting my thoughts together. The latest issues of the Beast Hunters comics kinda threw my original plans for a loop. I'm checking with my consultant to see what needs to be done about it. But the story is NOT dead! I repeat, the story is NOT dead! I'm just hoping the eight and final issue of Beast Hunters doesn't utterly derail my plans for this.

In the meantime, a new idea has occurred to me. Remember that idea I had a while back about Grimlock going through the Multiverse to find the Dinobots? Well, I thought of something else. This one guy wrote a string of connected MLP fics where the Mane Six were sent to different worlds and the adventures they had in those worlds. So, why don't I do the same for the Dinobots? Have them scattered throughout different worlds and write about their different adventures while trying to find a way back home and to each other.


Book 1: Grimlock's adventure

Book 2: Slag's adventure

Book 3: Sludge's adventure

Book 4: Snarl's adventure

Book 5: Swoop's adventure

Or maybe I should go in reverse order? Only problem is I don't know what would be good worlds to send each Dinobot. What do you guys think?




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